Jun 23 11 1:38 PM

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Here is an excerpt from a real good in-depth interview with Bill Mumy with a lot of references to his music.

[quote]Mike Ragogna: Bill, let's start with your new release, Glorious In Defeat. It's like you're 23rd album?

Bill Mumy: (laughs) Probably, if you add them all up with everybody involved. No, I think it's my 10th. Yes, I'm in double digits now--10 albums since 1997. It's on the label GRA, a little label out of San Francisco that releases vintage-style acts that are still, hopefully, being prolific and making music that's worth listening to. I feel good about this record. It feels pretty solid to me, like I'm back in a roots kind of a place where I feel very comfortable.

A Conversation with Bill Mumy - full interview: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-ragogna/emgreetings-fromem-chatti_b_880159.html