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Dec 13 09 6:28 AM

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Sadly, the former host "beamed up," so I've replaced it with this format. It has gone the way of our first board, which was hacked by someone who was convinced we all wanted to buy Cracked Dongles (whatever that means!)

For the time being, Im using the free version. If traffic increases and posting becomes active again, I will consider paying for the upgrades--if you're feeling generous, you can make donations by clicking on the piggy bank. I can make upgrades for as little as $5 a month, but I already pay $$ for hosting services so for now, I'm taking the frugal approach.

Im open to topic suggestions, though for now, I think these are plenty. Let me know if you disagree. The posting traffic on this site is generally pretty slow, but there have always been an abundance of lurkers. The forum is currently set so you do not have to join to read, though you must join to post. There are three topics visible only to signed in members: "Introduce Yourself," "Enquiring Minds" (Q&A for members) and "Can We Talk" (for off-topic conversation).

Many who come here have been coming for the 10+ years the board has been active, but I added a section to introduce yourself, since we're starting fresh. Please share!

A nice feature here is that you can post photos into your text and links. I humbly ask that you keep it all appropriate.

Let people know we're back and encourage them to join in... All you lurkers, too. Please join and participate!

ALSO: Be sure to visit you User Control Panel to override defaults on things like the annoying GMT posting times....
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Nov 27 11 8:42 AM

Re: Welcome to the Coffee Clatch...G3

Yes, Facebook has rendered this site obsolete. The site remains as long as the server supports it. Ah, progress!

Update: 1/1/12: TIme Machine will still be updated daily (or as close to it as possible)

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